Behir Young Adult
Huge natural magical beast
Level 12 Solo Soldier XP 3500

Initiative +0 (see lightning reflexes)        Senses Perception +12; tremorsense 10
Lightning Storm aura 5; an enemy that starts its turn in the aura takes 5 lightning damage.
HP 500; Bloodied 250
AC 28; Fortitude 25, Reflex 24, Will 24
Resist 15 lightning
Saving Throws +5
Speed 7, climb 5
Action Points 2

Claw (standard, at-will)

reach 3; +19 vs AC; 2d6+5 damage.

Bite (standard, at-will) Lightning

Reach 3; +19 vs AC; 1d8+5 damage plus 1d8 lightning damage.

Devour (standard, recharges when no creature is affected by this power)

Reach 3; +17 vs Reflex; 2d6+5 damage, and a Medium or smaller target is swallowed. A swallowed target is grabbed and restrained (escape ends both). A swallowed creature has line of sight and line of effect only to the behir, and no creature has line of sight or line of effect to it. A creature that escapes the grab is no longer swallowed and appears in a space adjacent to the behir. A behir can move normally and use other attacks against other targets while it has a target grabbed in this way. When the behir dies, the target can escape as a move action, appearing adjacent to the behir’s former space.

Devouring Damage (free 1/turn, )

affects target grabbed by devour only; The target takes 5 damage.

Lightning Breath (standard, recharge ) Lightning

Close blast 5; +15 vs Reflex; 3d8+5 lightning damage and the target is dazed. Miss: Half damage.

Thunderleg Stomp (standard, at-will)

Close burst 3; +15 vs Fortitude; 1d8+5 damage, and the target is knocked prone.

Lightning Leap

The behir acts three times in a round, on initiative counts 30, 20, and 10. It cannot delay or ready actions. On each turn in the round, it has a standard action to use. It can turn a standard action into a move action if it wants. It can use one immediate action between each turn.

Alignment Unaligned        Languages Common, Draconic
Str 23 (+12)      Dex 20 (+11)      Wis 21 (+11)
Con 21 (+11)      Int 7 (+4)      Cha 13 (+7)

Published in Revenge of the Giants, page(s) 50.