Black Cyst Elemental
Medium elemental magical beast (air, earth, fire, water)
Level 4 Brute XP 175

HP 65; Bloodied 32Initiative +4
AC 16, Fortitude 17, Reflex 16, Will 15Perception+6
Speed 5 (7 while charging)


Mud Slick Aura 1

While the elemental is bloodied, the aura is difficult terrain for enemies, and the elemental can push or slide enemies in the aura 1 extra square.

Sensitive to Radiant

Whenever the elemental takes radiant damage, it gains vulnerable 5 to the next attack that hits it before the end of its next turn.

Standard Actions

Slam (fire) At-Will

Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); +9 vs. AC

Hit: 1d10 + 5 damage, and ongoing 5 fire damage (save ends).

Quake Slam Recharge

Effect: The elemental can charge and/or use slam twice. If the elemental hits the same target with both attacks, the elemental can push that target 1 square and knock it prone.

Minor Actions

Ill Wind At-Will 1/round

Effect: Melee 1 (a creature taking ongoing fire damage); the elemental can slide the target 1 square.

Str 17 (+5)                Dex 15 (+4)                Wis 8 (+1)
Con 15 (+4)                Int 3 (-2)                Cha 12 (+3)

Alignment Chaotic Evil        Languages Abyssal, Primordial

Published in Dungeon Magazine 214.