Medium natural animate (blind, ooze, undead)
Level 7 Elite Soldier XP 600

Initiative +9        Senses Perception +5; tremorsense 10
HP 168; Bloodied 84
AC 25; Fortitude 22, Reflex 21, Will 20
Immune disease, gaze, poison; Resist 10 acid
Saving Throws +2
Speed 5, climb 3
Action Points 1

Blood Tendril (standard, at-will)

+14 vs Reflex; 2d6+4 damage, and the target is grabbed.

Bloodsqueeze (standard, at-will)

Targets a creature grabbed by the bloodrot; +12 vs ; 2d6+5 damage.. 2d6 + 4 damage (no attack roll required).

Taint (minor, recharge ) Necrotic

+12 vs Fortitude; 2d8+6 necrotic damage, and the target loses a healing surge.

Split ( when first bloodied; encounter)

The bloodrot splits into two Medium individuals, the second one occupying a space adjacent to the original creature. Each of the two creatures has hit points equal to one-half the original’s current hit points. Both creatures act on the original creature’s initiative count. Effects applied to the original bloodrot do not apply to either of the individuals after the split occurs. A bloodrot can’t split if reduced to 0 hit points by the attack that bloodied it.
If out of combat for 5 minutes, the two halves combine back into one bloodrot, which has hit points equal to the combined value of the two halves.

Alignment Unaligned        Languages -
Skills Stealth +12
Str 16 (+6)      Dex 18 (+7)      Wis 14 (+5)
Con 20 (+8)      Int 1 (-2)      Cha 1 (-2)

Published in Open Grave, page(s) 174.