Bodak Skulk
Medium shadow humanoid (undead)
Level 16 Lurker XP 1400

Initiative +16        Senses Perception +10; Darkvision
Agonizing Gaze (Fear, Necrotic, Gaze) aura 5; a creature in the aura that makes a melee or a ranged attack against the bodak skulk takes 5 necrotic damage before the attack roll is made and takes a -2 penalty to the attack roll.
HP 124; Bloodied 62
AC 29; Fortitude 29, Reflex 27, Will 29
Immune disease, poison; Resist 15 necrotic; Vulnerable 5 radiant; a bodak skulk that takes radiant damage cannot weaken a target until the end of its next turn
Speed 6

Slam (standard, at-will) Necrotic

+21 vs AC; 1d6+5 damage plus 2d6 necrotic damage, and the target is weakened until the end of the bodak skulk’s next turn.

Death Gaze (standard, encounter) Gaze, Necrotic

Range 10; targets a living creature; +19 vs Fortitude; if the target is weakened, it is reduced to 0 hit points; otherwise, the target takes 1d6 + 6 necrotic damage and loses 1 healing surge.

Spectral Form (standard; at-will)

The bodak skulk turns invisible and gains the insubstantial and phasing qualities . It can do nothing but move in spectral form, and it can return to its normal form as a free action.

Alignment Evil        Languages Common
Str 21 (+13)      Dex 19 (+12)      Wis 15 (+10)
Con 22 (+14)      Int 6 (+6)      Cha 23 (+14)

Published in Monster Manual, page(s) 36, Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons, page(s) 123, P2 Demon Queen Enclave, page(s) 46.