Cadaver Collector
Large natural animate (construct)
Level 9 Elite Soldier XP 800

HP 200; Bloodied 100Initiative +8
AC 25, Fortitude 23, Reflex 20, Will 20Perception+11
Speed 8Darkvision
Immune charm, disease, poison; Resist 10 lightning
Saving Throws +2; Action Points 1


Thunder Shakes

Whenever the cadaver collector takes thunder damage, it is slowed (save ends).

Standard Actions

Slam At-Will

Attack: Melee 2 (one creature); +14 vs. AC, or +16 vs. AC against an immobilized target.

Hit: 2d10 + 6 damage, and the target is grabbed (escape DC 20). The collector can grab no more than one Large creature or four Medium or smaller creatures at a time.

Double Slam At-Will

Effect: The cadaver collector uses slam twice.

Impale At-Will

Attack: Melee 1 (one Large or smaller creature grabbed by the collector); +12 vs. Reflex

Hit: 4d10 + 12 damage, and the target is pulled into the collector’s space and restrained (save ends). Until this effect ends, the target takes ongoing 10 damage. Also, when the collector moves, it pulls with it any creature restrained by it, and the creature remains in the collector’s space. When a creature saves against this effect, it appears in the nearest unoccupied space of its choice adjacent to the collector.

Trample Encounter

Effect: The collector moves up to its speed and can move through enemies’ spaces during the move. Each time the collector enters an enemy’s space for the first time during the move, it makes the following attack a against that enemy.

Attack: Melee 0 (enemy in the space); +12 vs. Reflex

Hit: 3d12 + 6 damage, and the enemy falls prone.

Minor Actions

Breath Weapon Recharge

Attack: Close blast 3 (creatures in the blast); +12 vs. Fortitude

Hit: The target is immobilized (save ends).

Str 24 (+11)                Dex 14 (+6)                Wis 14 (+6)
Con 20 (+9)                Int 5 (+1)                Cha 7 (+2)

Alignment Unaligned        Languages Common

Published in Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale, page(s) 30, Dungeon Magazine 214.