Cadmus Zaspar
Medium natural humanoid, human
Level 10 Elite Controller XP 1000

HP 200; Bloodied 100Initiative +7
AC 24, Fortitude 21, Reflex 24, Will 25Perception+4
Speed 6
Saving Throws +2; Action Points 1


Chained God's Wrath (psychic) Aura 3

While Cadmus is bloodied, any enemy that ends its turn in the aura takes 5 psychic damage, and Cadmus slides the enemy up to 3 squares.

Standard Actions

My Father's Sword (psychic, weapon) At-Will

Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); +15 vs. AC

Hit: 2d8 + 5 damage, and one enemy within 3 squares of Cadmus takes 5 psychic damage.

Nightmare Vermin (fear, implement, psychic) At-Will

Attack: Ranged 10 (one creature); +13 vs. Will

Hit: 1d8 + 5 psychic damage, and the target cannot shift or make opportunity attacks until the end of Cadmus’s next turn.

Unhinging Seduction (implement, psychic) Recharge if the power misses or when this power’s effect ends on a target

Attack: Ranged 5 (one creature); +13 vs. Will

Hit: The target is dominated (save ends).

    Aftereffect: The target takes 5 psychic damage.

Miss: The target takes 5 psychic damage.

Madness Beckons (fear, implement, psychic) Recharge

Attack: Area burst 2 within 10 (enemies in the burst); +13 vs. Will

Hit: 1d8 + 5 psychic damage, and the target makes a basic attack against a creature Cadmus chooses. If this attack hits, the target of the basic attack is also stunned (save ends).

Triggered Actions

Unspeakable Revelation (fear, implement, psychic) Encounter

Trigger: Cadmus is first bloodied in the encounter.

Attack (No Action): Close burst 5 (creatures in the burst); +13 vs. Will

Hit: The target is dazed (save ends).

Effect: Cadmus is slowed until the end of his next turn.

Master's Call (teleportation) Recharge

Trigger: Cadmus is hit by an attack.

Effect (Immediate Reaction): Cadmus teleports up to 1d8 squares.

Skills Bluff +15, History +14, Religion +14
Str 10 (+5)                Dex 14 (+7)                Wis 8 (+4)
Con 12 (+6)                Int 19 (+9)                Cha 20 (+10)

Alignment Chaotic Evil        Languages Common
Equipment: fine clothing , longsword , orb implement .

Published in Dungeon Magazine 186.