Captain Shil Yargo
Small natural humanoid
Level 11 Elite Skirmisher XP 1200

Initiative +13        Senses Perception +11
HP 224; Bloodied 112
AC 27 (29 against opportunity attacks); Fortitude 23, Reflex 26, Will 23
Saving Throws +2 (+7 against fear effects)
Speed 6
Action Points 1

Dagger (standard, at-will) Weapon

+16 vs AC; 1d4+8 damage (crit 2d6+12, or 2d8+12 if Shil has combat advantage against the target).

Dagger (standard, at-will) Weapon

Ranged 5/10; +16 vs AC; 1d4+8 damage.

Deep Stab (standard, at-will) Weapon

+16 vs AC; 2d4+8 damage, and the target is dazed until the end of Shil's next turn.

Whirling Slices (standard, encounter) Weapon

Shil makes three melee basic attacks. She can shift 1 square before or after each attack.

Thigh Cutter (standard, recharge ) Weapon

Shil makes two basic melee attacks. If either hits, the target is also slowed (save ends); if both hit the same target, it is also knocked prone. Shil can shift 1 square before or after each attack.

Deck Dash (minor; encounter)

Shil shifts 3 squares.

Combat Advantage

Shil deals an extra 2d8 damage on melee attacks against any target she has combat advantage against.

Second Chance (immediate interrupt, when hit by an attack; encounter)

Shil forces the attacker to reroll the attack and take the new result.

Alignment Unaligned        Languages Common, Halruaan
Skills Athletics +13, Bluff +15, Insight +11, Stealth +16, Thievery +18
Str 13 (+6)      Dex 22 (+11)      Wis 12 (+6)
Con 16 (+8)      Int 10 (+5)      Cha 20 (+10)

Equipment: dagger x2, leather armor .

Published in Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, page(s) 255.