Carpet of Flesh
Gargantuan immortal beast (living construct, ooze)
Level 15 Elite Controller XP 2400

Initiative +10        Senses Perception +12; blindsight 20, tremorsense 20
Caustic Humors (Acid) aura 0 (see viscous nature); any creature that starts its turn in the carpet’s space takes 10 acid damage.
Soul-Chilling Presence (Fear) aura 4; living creatures within the aura take a -4 penalty to Will.
HP 302; Bloodied 151
AC 29; Fortitude 29, Reflex 23, Will 27
Immune fear; Resist half damage from ranged and area attacks
Saving Throws +2
Speed 2
Action Points 1

Reaching Arms (standard, at-will)

Reach 3; +20 vs AC; 2d8+6 damage, and the target is pulled 3 squares and grabbed until escape. If the target is within the carpet of flesh’s space, it slides 3 squares (instead of being pulled).

Crush (minor, at-will)

A single grabbed target only; 2d8+6 damage, and the carpet sustains the grab.

Grasping Arms (standard, at-will)

The carpet of flesh makes two reaching arm attacks

Reeling Grab (minor, at-will)

The carpet of flesh slides one adjacent, grabbed target into the nearest square within the carpet’s space.


A carpet of flesh can remain hidden with the Stealth skill even without cover or concealment.

Mobile Grappler

The carpet of flesh can move at full speed even when grabbing one or more foes without breaking the grab.

Vicious Nature

Other creatures can move through the carpet of flesh’s space, treating the squares it occupies as difficult terrain. A carpet of flesh threatens all squares it occupies.

Alignment Evil        Languages -
Str 20 (+12)      Dex 17 (+10)      Wis 20 (+12)
Con 23 (+13)      Int 3 (+3)      Cha 3 (+3)

Published in Dragon Magazine 373, page(s) 47.