Carrion Tribe Sakah Hunter
Medium natural humanoid , tiefling
Level 13 Artillery XP 800

Initiative +12        Senses Perception +15; low-light vision
HP 96; Bloodied 48
AC 25; Fortitude 24, Reflex 26, Will 24
Resist 11 fire
Speed 6

Spear (standard, at-will) Weapon

+20 vs AC; 2d8+3 damage.

Longbow (standard, at-will) Weapon

Ranged 20/40; +20 vs AC; 2d10+3 damage.

Infernal Summons (minor, encounter) Conjuration

Ranged 10; the sakah hunter conjures a Medium beast of smoke and flame in a space adjacent to an enemy in range. Any enemies adjacent to the conjured beast grant combat advantage to the sakah hunter. As a move action, the sakah hunter can move the fiendish beast 5 squares. The fiendish beast cannot be attacked, but it is vulnerable to dispel magic and similar effects. Sustain Minor: The fiendish beast persists.

Longbow Volley (standard; requires longbow, recharge ) Weapon

Ranged 20/40; targets one or two creatures; +20 vs AC; 2d10+3 damage.

Combat Advantage

The sakah hunter’s melee and ranged attacks deal 1d6 extra damage against any creature granting combat advantage to it.

Infernal Wrath (minor; encounter)

The sakah hunter gains a +1 power bonus to its next attack roll against an enemy that hit it since the hunter’s last turn. If the attack hits and deals damage, the hunter deals 3 extra damage.

Alignment Evil        Languages Common
Skills Stealth +17
Str 19 (+10)      Dex 22 (+12)      Wis 19 (+10)
Con 12 (+7)      Int 15 (+8)      Cha 16 (+9)

Equipment: arrow x20, leather armor , longbow , spear .

Published in Eberron Campaign Setting, page(s) 121, Dungeon Magazine 177, page(s) 20.