Centaur Ravager
Large fey humanoid
Level 12 Brute XP 700

Initiative +10        Senses Perception +9; low-light vision
HP 150; Bloodied 75
AC 24; Fortitude 26, Reflex 24, Will 23
Speed 8

Greatsword (standard, at-will) Weapon

+15 vs AC; 1d10+6 damage, plus 1d10 damage when charging.

Quick Kick (immediate reaction, when a creature moves into a space where it flanks the centaur ravager, at-will)

Targets the triggering creatures; +14 vs AC; 1d6+6 damage.

Berserk Rush (standard, recharges when first bloodied) Weapon

+15 vs Fortitude; 2d10+6 damage (plus 1d10 damage when charging), and the target is pushed 2 squares and knocked prone. Special: When charging, the centaur ravager can use this power in place of a melee basic attack.

Brash Retaliation (free, when first bloodied, encounter) Weapon

+15 vs AC; 3d10+6 damage, and the centaur ravager pushes the target 2 squares.

Alignment Unaligned        Languages Elven
Skills Athletics +17, Nature +14
Str 22 (+12)      Dex 18 (+10)      Wis 16 (+9)
Con 20 (+11)      Int 9 (+5)      Cha 10 (+6)

Equipment: greatsword .

Description: A RAVAGER DELIGHTS IN BATTLE and is overcome by a mixture of ecstasy and rage when fighting.

Published in Monster Manual 2, page(s) 30, Dungeon Magazine 163, page(s) 40.