Chained Cambion
Medium immortal humanoid (devil)
Level 10 Controller XP 500

HP 110; Bloodied 55Initiative +8
AC 24, Fortitude 22, Reflex 20, Will 24Perception+9
Speed 6Darkvision
Resist 10 fire


Binding Field Aura 3

Squares within the aura are difficult terrain for enemies.

Child of Chains

While immobilized or restrained, the chained cambion gains a +2 bonus to attack rolls and gains a +2 bonus to attempts to escape a grab and to saving throws against effects that immobilize or restrain.

Standard Actions

Chain Lash At-Will

Attack: Melee 3 (one creature); +15 vs. AC

Hit: 3d6 + 8 damage, and a dazed target is immobilized (save ends).

Vile Fetters (psychic) At-Will

Attack: Melee 5 (one creature); +13 vs. Will

Hit: 2d6 + 6 psychic damage, and if the target ends its next turn closer to the chained cambion, it is dazed (save ends).

Unfettered Scream (psychic) Recharge

Attack: Close blast 3 (creatures in the blast); +13 vs. Fortitude

Hit: 2d6 + 6 psychic damage, and the chained cambion pushes the target 2 squares. The target is also dazed (save ends).

Minor Actions

Mind Shackles (psychic) Recharge when first bloodied

Effect: Two enemies adjacent to each other in a close burst 5 are psychically shackled (save ends; each enemy makes a separate saving throw against this effect). While psychically shackled, an enemy takes 10 psychic damage at the start and the end of its turn if it isn’t adjacent to the other creature that was affected by this power.

    Aftereffect: The effect persists, and the damage decreases to 5 (save ends).

Str 17 (+8)                Dex 16 (+8)                Wis 19 (+9)
Con 22 (+11)                Int 18 (+9)                Cha 18 (+9)

Alignment evil        Languages Supernal

Published in Monster Manual 3, page(s) 25, Dungeon Magazine 218.