Clockwork Rookery
Gargantuan natural animate (construct)
Level 15 Solo Brute XP 6000

HP 600; Bloodied 300Initiative +7
AC 27, Fortitude 29, Reflex 25, Will 27Perception+12
Speed 6All-around vision
Immune disease, poison
Saving Throws +5; Action Points 2


Harrier Rooks Aura 5

The aura is lightly obscured to enemies.

All-Around Vision

Enemies can’t gain combat advantage by flanking the rookery.


The rookery ignores difficult terrain and provokes no opportunity attacks. It cannot squeeze or grab.

Instinctive Warfare

A rookery that starts its turn dominated ignores the condition long enough to use trample as a free action. A rookery that starts its turn stunned ignores the condition long enough to use arbalest volley as a free action.

Living Vehicle

Creatures can enter the rookery’s space by climbing onto it (DC 20) or moving through any of its entrances (one at the base and one on top). Creatures in the rookery’s space move with the rookery as if it were a vehicle.

Standard Actions

Arbalest Volley (weapon) At-Will

Attack: Close burst 20 (enemies in the burst); +20 vs. AC

Hit: 2d10 + 7 damage.

Move Actions

Trample At-Will 1/round

Effect: The rookery moves up to its speed and can move through enemies’ spaces during the move. Each time the rookery enters an enemy’s space for the first time during the move, it makes the following attack against that enemy. Enemies already in the rookery’s space when it uses this power cannot be targets of the power.

Attack: Melee 0 (enemy in the space); +18 vs. Reflex

Hit: 2d12 + 7 damage, and the target falls prone.

Miss: The rookery slides the target up to 4 squares to a square adjacent to the rookery.

Str 25 (+14)                Dex 10 (+7)                Wis 20 (+12)
Con 22 (+13)                Int 4 (+4)                Cha 5 (+4)

Alignment Unaligned        Languages understands Common

Published in Dragon Magazine 419.