Gargantuan elemental magical beast (demon)
Level 27 Solo Controller XP 55000

Initiative +21        Senses Perception +25; tremorsense 20, truesight 10
Primordial Groan (Fear) aura 5; any enemy that starts its turn within the aura takes a -5 penalty to damage rolls and grants combat advantage until the start of its next turn.
Writhing Chains aura 5; Codricuhn deals 10 damage to any enemy that ends its turn within the aura and slides that enemy 3 squares.
HP 1024; Bloodied 512
AC 41; Fortitude 41, Reflex 39, Will 37
Immune gaze; Resist 30 thunder, 10 variable (3/encounter)
Saving Throws +5
Speed 5, climb 5 (spider climb)
Action Points 2

Ensnaring Chain (standard, at-will)

Reach 4; +32 vs AC; 1d8+9 damage, and the target is grabbed.

Whipping Chains (standard, at-will)

Codricuhn makes two ensnaring chain attacks

Rending Release (minor, at-will)

Reach 4; targets all creatures grabbed by Codricuhn; +31 vs Fortitude; 4d6+9 damage, and Codricuhn slides the target 5 squares and is no longer grabbing the target.

Codricuhn's Balance (immediate reaction, when a creature within codricuhn’s line of sight is the target of a healing power, at-will) Lightning

Close burst 2; targets enemies; +31 vs Reflex; 3d8+8 lightning damage, and Codricuhn slides the target 3 squares.

Invoke the Blood Storm (standard; usable only while bloodied, encounter)

Close burst 10; targets enemies; +31 vs Fortitude; 1d6+8 damage, and ongoing 20 damage (save ends). Aftereffect: The target is stunned (save ends).

Tide of Chains (standard, encounter)

+31 vs Reflex; 2d8+9 damage, and the target falls prone and is grabbed.

Thunderous Torment (minor 1/round, at-will) Thunder

Area burst 1 within 10; +31 vs Fortitude; 2d6+9 thunder damage, and the target is dazed (save ends). This attack does not provoke opportunity attacks.

Loose the Chains ( when first bloodied)

Codricuhn gains an action point.

Mutable Shape

Codricuhn can squeeze through spaces as though he were a Large creature.

Alignment Chaotic Evil        Languages Abyssal, Common, Primordial
Skills Athletics +27, Endurance +29, Intimidate +27
Str 28 (+22)      Dex 26 (+21)      Wis 24 (+20)
Con 32 (+24)      Int 10 (+13)      Cha 29 (+22)

Description: Codricuhn’s magnificence is no more: Gone is the coral crown, the sea spray of his breath, and the swirling currents cloaking his watery flesh. What the former primordial was has been replaced by chains and an unsightly blend of flesh and the remains of his elemental glory. Bits of a coral and bone skeleton are exposed or erupt awkwardly in painful, hornlike protrusions from his body. Where his body is whole, his flesh is a blend of angry red demon skin, masses of rock, and pools of bubbling magma.
A single glance at this demon prince’s tortured form might suggest an unthinking beast or a tortured brute bent on attaining some impossible goal. Scrutiny reveals a dim sentience in the one baleful red eye, which is a gaping wound containing a jaundiced orb replete with crimson iris around an impenetrable pupil. As the eye rolls about, drifting in the socket, he aims his awful gaze, weeping bloody tears as if imploring witnesses to somehow stop him from attaining his unspeakable objective.
Wrapped around his tumescent bulk are old chains, forged from iron, bronze, and adamantine, and terrible weights hang from their lengths—some wedges or blocks, some like anchors, and others wrought to resemble animals, monstrous heads, and more. Gods, mortals, devils, and demon princes added their chains, all in a futile hope of slowing the horror’s ascent as his fleshy appendages reach ever upward to find purchase in a fissure or ledge and pull his mass higher toward his goal: the Abyss’s edge. The chains that bind him have created a mass of sores that ooze dark demon blood, send forth streams of befouled water, or blast out a rancid, crimson vapor.
Codricuhn’s form hemorrhages crimson mist from dark suppurating pits dimpling his body. Lightning dances in clouds swirling about him, crackling and thundering with the urgency of a summer storm. Codricuhn draws chunks of tortured earth to him, substance discarded at the world’s dawn by his primordial makers. These spheres of matter orbit the shuddering beast like the hands of a clock, counting the minutes and hours until the dire moment when the Blood Storm reaches its destination and heralds the world’s end.
Each rock houses those fiends who swear service to the reluctant demon prince, and from these rocks they rule their tiny kingdoms, waging war against each other from time to time or drifting close to their horrific master to sample the ichors spilling from his flesh.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 172, page(s) 91.