Conjured Beast (Rust Bag)
Large natural beast

Initiative as conjurer        Senses Perception +9; low-light vision
HP 1; a missed attack never damages a minion.
AC 32; Fortitude 30, Reflex 30, Will 30
Speed 6

Bite or Claw (standard, at-will)

+21 vs AC; 7 damage.

Alignment Unaligned        Languages -
Str 18 (+13)      Dex 14 (+11)      Wis 10 (+9)
Con 14 (+11)      Int 2 (+5)      Cha 10 (+9)

Description: When you use a bag of tricks to conjure a creature, it appears in an unoccupied space within 5 squares of you; the space must be large enough to contain the creature without squeezing. The creature obeys only you, responding to commands spoken in any language. The creature remains until the end of the encounter or for 5 minutes. The conjured creature acts on the same initiative count as you. Every action it takes costs you a minor action (which you use to issue commands), and a conjured creature cannot exceed its normal allotment of actions (a standard, a move, and a minor action) during its turn. If you spend no minor actions on your turn to command the creature, it remains where it is without taking any actions on its turn.
A conjured creature is a minion. It has no healing surges and cannot be healed, and it cannot gain temporary hit points. When reduced to 0 hit points or fewer, the conjured creature disappears.
If an object is placed in the bag of tricks, the bag ceases to function until the object is removed. A bag of tricks used for simple storage holds up to 3 pounds.

Published in Adventurer's Vault, page(s) 184.