Consumptive Parasite
Small elemental beast (demon)
Level 16 Minion Skirmisher XP 350

Initiative +15        Senses Perception +12; Darkvision
HP 1; a missed attack never damages a minion.
AC 30; Fortitude 28, Reflex 29, Will 27
Immune disease; Resist 15 variable (2/encounter)
Speed 6 see also chaotic shift

Digestive Bite (standard, at-will) Acid

+19 vs Fortitude; 4 acid damage, and the target gains vulnerable 5 acid (save ends).

Chaotic Shift (move; at-will)

The consumptive parasite shifts 2 squares.

Alignment Chaotic Evil        Languages understands Abyssal
Str 9 (+7)      Dex 24 (+15)      Wis 19 (+12)
Con 21 (+13)      Int 3 (+4)      Cha 9 (+7)

Description: Prolonged exposure to the Abyss normally transforms slaads into void slaads, but those that were bathed in energy at the birth of the Abyss were more dramatically altered. From those first warped slaads burst swarms of ravenous parasites combining the worst aspects of slaad tadpoles and demons.

Published in The Plane Below, page(s) 133.