Count Strahd von Zarovich
Medium natural humanoid (shapechanger, undead)
Level 20 Solo Skirmisher XP 14000

Initiative +17        Senses Perception +18; blindsight 10, Darkvision
HP 930; Bloodied 465
Regeneration 10 (regeneration doesn’t function while Strahd is exposed to direct sunlight)
AC 34; Fortitude 32, Reflex 32, Will 32
Immune disease, poison; Resist 15 necrotic; Vulnerable 10 radiant
Saving Throws +5
Speed 6, climb 4 (spider climb)
Action Points 2

Crippling Strike (standard, at-will) Necrotic

+23 vs Fortitude; 3d10+5 necrotic damage, and the target is slowed until the end of Strahd’s next turn. Hit or Miss: Strahd shifts up to 2 squares.

Blood Drain (standard; requires combat advantage against the target, at-will) Healing

+23 vs Fortitude; 3d10+5 damage, and the target is weakened (save ends), and Strahd regains 20 hit points.

Dominating Gaze (minor, at-will) Charm, Gaze

Ranged 5; +23 vs Will; the target is dominated and takes a -2 penalty to saving throws against being dominated (save ends both). Aftereffect: The target is dazed and takes ongoing 10 psychic damage (save ends both). Strahd can have only one creature dominated at a time.

Strahd's Choking Fog (standard; sustain minor or move, encounter) Poison, Zone

Area burst 5 within 10; the burst creates a zone of poisonous vapors that lasts until the end of Strahd’s next turn. A creature that enters the zone or that starts its turn in the zone takes 1d10 + 5 poison damage, and ongoing 5 poison damage (save ends). Sustain Minor: The zone persists. Sustain Move: The zone persists, and Strahd can move it up to 5 squares.

Animal Form (minor; at-will) Polymorph

Strahd transforms into a swarm of bats or a black wolf. He cannot use crippling strike or choking fog, though he gains new powers and statistics in addition to those he regularly has. Strahd can revert to his normal form as a minor action.

Mist Form (standard; sustain minor; encounter) Polymorph

All conditions affecting Strahd end, and he becomes insubstantial and gains fly (hover) 12 until the end of his next turn. Strahd cannot attack while in this form.

Scent of Blood

Strahd gains combat advantage against living, bloodied foes.

Second Wind (standard; encounter) Healing

Strahd spends a healing surge and regains 232 hit points. Strahd gains a +2 bonus to all defenses until the start of his next turn.

Indestructible ( when reduced to 0 hit points)

Strahd’s mist form power recharges, and he uses it immediately. Strahd does not die, but he must reach his coffin within 2 hours or be destroyed.

Alignment Evil        Languages Common, Supernal
Skills Bluff +23, Insight +18, Intimidate +23, Stealth +20
Str 18 (+14)      Dex 20 (+15)      Wis 17 (+13)
Con 18 (+14)      Int 23 (+16)      Cha 26 (+18)

Published in Open Grave, page(s) 210.