Creeping Teeth
Large immortal beast (blind, living construct, ooze)
Level 9 Lurker XP 400

Initiative +13        Senses Perception +7; blindsight 10, tremorsense 15
HP 77; Bloodied 38
AC 23; Fortitude 21, Reflex 23, Will 21
Immune gaze; Resist 5 melee and ranged attacks
Speed 6

Toothy Slam (standard, at-will)

+14 vs AC; 1d8+3 damage, and ongoing 5 damage (save ends).

Consume (standard, at-will)

The creeping teeth attacks one Medium or smaller target; +12 vs Reflex; (automatically hits creatures that the creeping teeth has combat advantage against)On a hit, the target is grabbed and pulled into the creeping teeth’s space; the target is dazed and takes ongoing 10 damage until it escapes the grab. A creature that escapes the grab shifts to a square of its choosing adjacent to the creeping teeth. The creeping teeth can move normally while creatures are engulfed within it.

Parting Shot (immediate reaction, when a creature escapes the creeping teeth's grab, at-will)

The creeping teeth makes a toothy slam attack against the creature that just escaped its grab.

Creeping Skitter (standard; at-will)

The creeping teeth shifts 3 squares and designates a single target within 6 squares; that target grants the creeping teeth combat advantage until the end of the creeping teeth’s next turn.

Rain of Teeth (move; recharge )

The creeping teeth shifts 6 squares, ignoring difficult terrain.

Alignment Unaligned        Languages -
Skills Stealth +14
Str 13 (+5)      Dex 21 (+9)      Wis 17 (+7)
Con 17 (+7)      Int 1 (-1)      Cha 1 (-1)

Published in Dragon Magazine 373, page(s) 46.