Medium fey humanoid , elf
Level 8 Elite Controller XP 700

Initiative +5        Senses Perception +5; low-light vision
HP 174; Bloodied 87
AC 22; Fortitude 20, Reflex 21, Will 22
Saving Throws +2
Speed 7
Action Points 1

Staff of Ruin (standard; requires a staff, at-will) Cold, Weapon

+12 vs Fortitude; 2d6 + 6 cold damage (crit 2d10 + 18), and the target is slowed and takes a –2 penalty to Fortitude until the end of Demise’s next turn.

Vampiric Ray (standard, at-will) Necrotic

Ranged 10; +12 vs Fortitude; 2d8 + 6 necrotic damage (crit 2d10 + 22), and Demise gains 4 temporary hit points. If this attack bloodies a target, that target is weakened until the end of Demise’s next turn.

Death Glare (standard, recharge ) Fear, Necrotic

Ranged 5; +12 vs Fortitude; 2d10 + 6 necrotic damage (crit 2d10 + 26), and ongoing 10 necrotic damage (save ends both). The target cannot save until it ends its turn farther from Demise than it was at the start of its turn.

Zombie Cloud (standard, daily) Poison, Zone

Area burst 1 within 10; +10 vs Fortitude; 1d8 + 4 poison damage (crit 2d10 + 12). The burst creates a zone of lightly obscured squares. A creature that enters the zone or starts its turn there takes 1d8 + 4 poison damage. A living creature reduced to 0 hit points or fewer within the zone rises on its turn with 1 hit point and is dominated (no save), but can use only basic attacks. Any healing used on a dominated target works normally and ends the dominated effect. Demise can move the cloud 3 squares as a move action. Sustain Minor: The zone persists.

Elven Accuracy (free; encounter)

Demise can reroll an attack roll, taking the second result.

False Life (minor; encounter)

Demise gains 22 temporary hit points.

Ghostwalk (move; encounter)

Demise can move up to her speed, and she has insubstantial and phasing until the start of her next turn.

Shadowdance Robes

Demise’s area attacks and ranged attacks don’t provoke opportunity attacks

Wild Step

Demise ignores difficult terrain when she shifts.

Alignment Evil        Languages Common, Draconic, Elven, Giant
Skills Arcana +13, Bluff +12, History +13, Religion +13, Stealth +12
Str 8 (+3)      Dex 12 (+5)      Wis 13 (+5)
Con 15 (+6)      Int 19 (+8)      Cha 17 (+7)

Published in Seekers of the Ashen Crown, page(s) 62.