Derro Fanatic
Small natural humanoid
Level 14 Skirmisher XP 1000

HP 140; Bloodied 70Initiative +13
AC 27, Fortitude 26, Reflex 25, Will 25Perception+5
Speed 6Darkvision


Unleashed Madness

While the fanatic is bloodied, it takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls and deals 2d6 extra damage.

Standard Actions

Battleaxe (weapon) At-Will

Effect: The fanatic ends any mark on it, shifts 2 squares, and makes the following attack.

Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); +19 vs. AC

Hit: 2d10 + 11 damage.

Free Actions

Strength of Madness Encounter

Requirement: The fanatic can use strength of madness only during its turn.

Effect: Roll a d6 and add the result as a power bonus to the fanatic’s attack rolls until the end of its next turn. In addition, the fanatic grants combat advantage until the end of its next turn.

Triggered Actions

Insane Bloodlust At-Will

Trigger: The fanatic bloodies an enemy.

Effect (Free Action): The fanatic uses battleaxe against the enemy.

Skills Intimidate +15
Str 12 (+8)                Dex 19 (+11)                Wis 6 (+5)
Con 20 (+12)                Int 10 (+7)                Cha 16 (+10)

Alignment chaotic evil        Languages Common, Deep Speech
Equipment: battleaxe , leather armor .

Published in Monster Manual 3, page(s) 49.