Deva Fallen Star
Medium immortal humanoid
Level 26 Artillery XP 9000

Initiative +15        Senses Perception +19
HP 188; Bloodied 94
AC 38; Fortitude 37, Reflex 37, Will 38 ; +1 to all defenses against bloodied enemies
Resist 15 necrotic, 15 radiant
Speed 6, fly 8 (clumsy)

Rebuking Rod (standard, at-will) Implement, Radiant, Psychic

+31 vs Will; 2d8+8 psychic and radiant damage, and the deva fallen star makes a secondary attack against the target.

Secondary Attack +31 vs Fortitude; the fallen star gains total concealment against the target (save ends).

Fateful Transposition (immediate interrupt, when an enemy attacks the deva fallen star, encounter) Teleportation

Ranged 10; +31 vs Will; the target swaps positions with the deva fallen star. The triggering enemy’s attack deals half damage to the fallen star, and the target takes damage equal to half the attack’s damage.

Forgetting Ray (standard, at-will) Charm, Psychic

Ranged 20; +31 vs Reflex; 3d6+8 psychic damage, and the target can use only basic attacks and at-will powers during its next turn.

Soul Scourge (standard, recharges when first bloodied) Necrotic, Radiant

Area burst 2 within 15; targets enemies; +31 vs Will; 1d6+8 radiant damage, and the target takes ongoing 15 necrotic damage (save ends).

Fate Manipulation (free; recharges when first bloodied)

The deva fallen star adds 1d8 to or subtracts 1d8 from an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw made by itself or any creature within 10 squares of it.

Vile Rebirth ( when the deva fallen star is reduced to 0 hit points) Healing

The fallen star does not die and instead remains at 0 hit points until the start of its next turn, when it regains 25 hit points, loses resistance to radiant damage, and gains the undead keyword. This power recharges, and the triggering damage type changes to nonradiant damage.

Alignment Evil        Languages Common, Supernal
Skills Arcana +26, History +28, Insight +19, Religion +28
Str 14 (+15)      Dex 15 (+15)      Wis 12 (+14)
Con 26 (+21)      Int 26 (+21)      Cha 29 (+22)

Equipment: robes, rod implement .

Published in Monster Manual 2, page(s) 62.