Doom Flayer
Medium natural humanoid
Level 8 Artillery XP 350

Initiative +5        Senses Perception +11
HP 65; Bloodied 32
AC 20; Fortitude 18, Reflex 20, Will 21
Speed 6

Dagger (standard, at-will) Weapon

+13 vs AC; 1d4+3 damage.

Force Leash (standard, at-will) Force, Implement

Ranged 10; +12 vs Reflex; 1d6+6 force damage, and the target is slowed until the end of the doom flayer’s next turn.

Grasping Tentacles (standard, recharge ) Implement

Ranged 10; +12 vs Fortitude; 1d8+4 damage, and the target is immobilized (save ends). Until the target saves, any ally of the target that starts its turn adjacent to the target is slowed (save ends).

Doom Foretold (minor, encounter)

Ranged 10; the target grants combat advantage until the end of the doom flayer’s next turn.

Churning Vortex (standard, encounter) Implement

Area burst 1 within 10; +10 vs Reflex; 2d8+5 damage, the doom flayer slides the target 1 square, and the target is knocked prone. Miss: Half damage.

Alignment Chaotic evil        Languages Abyssal, Common, Giant
Skills Arcana +13, History +13
Str 8 (+3)      Dex 12 (+5)      Wis 15 (+6)
Con 11 (+4)      Int 19 (+8)      Cha 16 (+7)

Equipment: robes, mask of Dagon, dagger , staff implement .

Published in Monster Manual 2, page(s) 49.