Large elemental humanoid (demon)
Level 13 Elite Brute XP 1600

Initiative +10        Senses Perception +11; Darkvision
HP 316; Bloodied 158
AC 27; Fortitude 29, Reflex 26, Will 24
Resist 10 variable
Saving Throws +2
Speed 6, jump 5
Action Points 1

Claws (standard, at-will)

Reach 2; +16 vs AC; 3d6+7 damage.

Quick Bite (free, when the draegloth hits with a claw attack, at-will)

Reach 2; +16 vs AC; 1d6+7 damage.

Sweeping Claw (standard, at-will)

The draegloth makes a claw attack; on a hit, it can make another claw attack against a different target that is within
reach and adjacent to the first target.

Darkfire (minor, encounter) Radiant

Ranged 10; +14 vs Reflex; until the end of the draegloth's next turn, the target grants combat advantage to all attackers, and the target cannot benefit from invisibility or concealment.

Lolth's Blight (standard, daily) Necrotic

Area burst 4 within 20; targets enemies; +14 vs Will; 2d6+3 necrotic damage, and the target is dazed (save ends). Miss: Half damage, and the target is not dazed.

Cloud of Darkness (minor, encounter) Zone

Close burst 1; this power creates a zone of darkness that remains in place until the end of the draegloth's next turn. The zone blocks line of sight for all creatures except the draegloth. Any creature entirely within the area (except the draegloth) is blinded.

Alignment Chaotic evil        Languages Abyssal, Elven
Skills Religion +12, Stealth +15
Str 24 (+13)      Dex 19 (+10)      Wis 10 (+6)
Con 18 (+10)      Int 12 (+7)      Cha 16 (+9)

Published in Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, page(s) 249, P2 Demon Queen Enclave, page(s) 35.