Dragonborn Annihilator
Medium natural humanoid , dragonborn
Level 29 Solo Soldier XP 75000

Initiative +26        Senses Perception +23; Darkvision
Tiamat's Favor (Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning, or Poison) aura 5; any enemy that starts its turn within the aura takes 20 damage of one of the following types: acid, cold, fire, lightning, or poison. The annihilator chooses which type at the start of its turn.
HP 1340; Bloodied 670
AC 49; Fortitude 44, Reflex 44, Will 45
Saving Throws +5
Speed 7, fly 10 (hover)
Action Points 2

Greatsword (standard, at-will) Weapon

+36 vs AC; (+37 while bloodied)3d10+10 damage.

Dragonborn Wrath (standard; requires greatsword, at-will) Weapon

+34 vs ; 3d8+10 damage.. the annihilator makes two greatsword attacks, each against a different target.

Punishing Strike (immediate reaction, when an enemy attacks the annihilator with a melee attack; requires greatsword, at-will) Weapon

the annihilator attacks the triggering enemy; +36 vs AC; (+37 while bloodied)3d10+10 damage, and the target is pushed 5 squares and knocked prone.

Conflagration Breath (standard; sustain minor, encounter) Fire, Zone

Close blast 5; +32 vs Reflex; (+33 while bloodied)4d10+9 fire damage, and the target takes ongoing 10 fire damage (save ends). The blast creates a zone that lasts until the end of the annihilator’s next turn (sustain minor). Any creature that enters or starts its turn in the zone takes 10 fire damage.

Fury of the Dragon (free, when first bloodied, encounter) Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning, or Poison

Close burst 6; targets enemies; +34 vs Reflex; (+35 while bloodied)4d10+6 damage of one of the following types: acid, cold, fire, lightning, or poison.

Sweeping Assault (standard; requires greatsword, recharge ) Weapon

close burst 1; +34 vs Reflex; (+35 while bloodied)2d10+10 damage, and the target is knocked prone.

Chromatic Boon (immediate interrupt, when an enemy attacks the annihilator; encounter)

The annihilator gains resist 30 to one of the following damage types until the end of the encounter: acid, cold, fire, lightning, or poison.

Dragonborn Fury (only while bloodied)

A dragonborn gains a +1 racial bonus to attack rolls while bloodied.

No Remorse

The annihilator deals 2d10 extra damage with melee attacks against a prone target.

Alignment Evil        Languages Common, Draconic, Supernal
Skills History +24, Insight +28, Intimidate +32, Religion +27
Str 31 (+24)      Dex 30 (+24)      Wis 29 (+23)
Con 28 (+23)      Int 26 (+22)      Cha 32 (+25)

Equipment: greatsword , plate armor .

Published in Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons, page(s) 215, Dungeon Magazine 175, page(s) 27.