Dragotha, Ancient Dracolich
Gargantuan natural magical beast (dragon, undead)
Level 31 Solo Controller XP 115000

Initiative +23        Senses Perception +24; Darkvision
Necromantic Link (Healing, Necrotic) aura 5; any living creature that enters the aura or starts its turn in the aura takes 20 necrotic damage. For each creature that takes damage from his aura, Dragotha regains 5 hit points.
HP 1430; Bloodied 715
AC 48; Fortitude 46, Reflex 46, Will 46
Immune disease, fear, poison; Resist 30 necrotic; Vulnerable 10 radiant
Saving Throws +5
Speed 8, fly 10, overland flight 16
Action Points 2

Bite (standard, at-will)

Reach 4; +38 vs AC; 2d10+11 damage.

Claw (standard, at-will) Necrotic

Reach 4; +38 vs AC; 1d10+11 damage, and Dragotha makes a secondary attack against the same target.

Secondary Attack +36 vs Fortitude; 2d12+5 necrotic damage, and the target is weakened (save ends).

Fury of Tooth and Claw (standard, encounter) Necrotic

Dragotha makes two claw attacks and one bite attack

Dragotha's Contempt (standard, at-will)

Ranged 10; +35 vs Will; Will; the target is pushed 1 square and is stunned (save ends). Aftereffect: The target takes 20 necrotic damage and is weakened (save ends both).

Dragotha's Curse (minor, at-will)

Ranged 10; automatic hit; the target provokes opportunity attacks when it shifts (save ends)

Breath Weapon (standard, encounter) Cold, Fire, Poison

Close blast 10; +36 vs Reflex; 3d12+11 cold, fire, and poison damage, and the target loses one healing surge. Miss: Half damage, and the target does not lose a healing surge.

Death Wind (standard, encounter) Necrotic

Close blast 10; +34 vs Fortitude; 3d12+11 necrotic damage, and ongoing 10 necrotic damage (save ends), and the target’s necrotic resistance is negated until the end of the encounter.

Bloodied Death (free, when first bloodied, encounter) Necrotic

Dragotha’s death wind recharges, and the dragon uses it immediately.

Frightful Presence (standard, encounter) Fear

Close burst 20; targets enemies; +36 vs Will; the target is stunned until the end of Dragotha’s next turn. Aftereffect: The target takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls (save ends).

Mesmerizing Glare (immediate interrupt, when an enemy makes a melee attack against dragotha, at-will) Fear

Close blast 3; +36 vs Will; the target is immobilized and takes a -4 penalty to attack rolls until end of Dragotha’s next turn. Miss: The target takes a -4 penalty to attack rolls until end of Dragotha’s next turn.

Recover Breath (standard; encounter)

Dragotha recharges its breath weapon.

Alignment Evil        Languages Common, Draconic
Skills Arcana +31, Endurance +30, History +31, Insight +29, Intimidate +31, Religion +31
Str 33 (+26)      Dex 26 (+23)      Wis 28 (+24)
Con 30 (+25)      Int 32 (+26)      Cha 32 (+26)

Published in Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons, page(s) 236.