Dream Hag
Medium fey humanoid
Level 19 Controller XP 2400

HP 179; Bloodied 89Initiative +11
AC 33, Fortitude 29, Reflex 31, Will 32Perception+21
Speed 6Low-light vision


Nightmare Weaver (charm) Aura 3

Any unconscious enemy that starts its turn within the aura stands up and is dominated until the end of its next turn. The enemy remains unconscious but takes a single action during its turn, chosen by the dream hag.

Standard Actions

Staff of Mindless Reverie (weapon) At-Will

Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); +24 vs. AC

Hit: 2d6 + 10 damage, and the target is dazed until the end of the hag’s next turn.

Nightmare Visions (charm, implement, psychic) At-Will

Attack: Ranged 5 (one creature); +22 vs. Will

Hit: 3d8 + 14 psychic damage, and the hag slides the target 5 squares.

Dust of Dreams (charm, sleep) Recharge

Attack: Close blast 5 (enemies in the blast); +22 vs. Will

Hit: The target is dazed (save ends).

    First Failed Saving Throw: The target falls unconscious (save ends).

Sleep’s Undeniable Grasp (implement, sleep) Encounter

Attack: Close blast 5 (enemies in the blast); +22 vs. Will

Hit: The target falls unconscious (save ends). This effect also ends if the target is attacked by the hag or one of its allies.

Skills Bluff +18, Diplomacy +18, Insight +21
Str 10 (+9)                Dex 14 (+11)                Wis 24 (+16)
Con 19 (+13)                Int 21 (+14)                Cha 19 (+13)

Alignment unaligned        Languages Common, Elven, Supernal
Equipment: staff implement .

Published in Monster Manual 3, page(s) 109, Dungeon Magazine 185.