Large fey humanoid (spider), drow
Level 14 Soldier XP 1000

HP 138; Bloodied 69Initiative +13
AC 30, Fortitude 27, Reflex 25, Will 26Perception+7
Speed 8, climb 8 (spider climb)Darkvision


Threatening Reach

The drider can make opportunity attacks against all enemies within 2 squares of it.

Standard Actions

Scimitar (weapon) At-Will

Attack: Melee 2 (one creature); +19 vs. AC

Hit: 3d8 + 9 damage.

Effect: The drider marks the target until the end of the drider’s next turn.

Minor Actions

Darkfire Encounter

Attack: Ranged 10 (one creature); +17 vs. Reflex

Hit: The target grants combat advantage and cannot benefit from invisibility or concealment until the end of the drider’s next turn.

Triggered Actions

Servant’s Rebuke (necrotic, poison) At-Will

Trigger: An enemy marked by the drider shifts or makes an attack that doesn’t include it as a target.

Effect (Opportunity Action): Close burst 10 (the triggering enemy in the burst). The target takes 15 necrotic and poison damage.

Skills Stealth +16
Str 23 (+13)                Dex 18 (+11)                Wis 11 (+7)
Con 18 (+11)                Int 8 (+6)                Cha 20 (+12)

Alignment evil        Languages Elven
Equipment: leather armor , scimitar .

Published in Monster Vault, page(s) 87.