Drow Stalker
Medium fey humanoid
Level 12 Minion Lurker XP 175

HP 1; a missed attack never damages a minion.Initiative +15
AC 26, Fortitude 22, Reflex 25, Will 25Perception+7
Speed 6Darkvision


Stalker Ambush

When the drow hits a creature that cannot see it, the drow’s attack deals 5 extra damage.

Standard Actions

Longsword (weapon) At-Will

Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); +17 vs. AC

Hit: 10 damage.

Hand Crossbow (poison, weapon) Encounter

Attack: Ranged 10 (one creature); +17 vs. AC

Hit: 5 damage, and ongoing 5 poison damage (save ends).

Minor Actions

Cloud of Darkness (zone) Encounter

Effect: Close burst 1. The burst creates a zone that lasts until the end of the drow’s next turn. The cloud blocks line of sight for all creatures except the drow. While entirely within the cloud, any creature other than the drow is blinded.

Str 16 (+9)                Dex 20 (+11)                Wis 13 (+7)
Con 14 (+8)                Int 16 (+9)                Cha 11 (+6)

Alignment evil        Languages Common, Elven

Published in Monster Vault, page(s) 116.