Duergar Blackguard
Medium natural humanoid (devil)
Level 13 Elite Soldier XP 1600

Initiative +8        Senses Perception +8; Darkvision
HP 260; Bloodied 130
AC 29; Fortitude 27, Reflex 25, Will 25
Resist 10 fire, 10 poison
Saving Throws +2
Speed 5
Action Points 1

Blighted Warhammer (standard, at-will) Poison, Weapon

+20 vs AC; 2d10+3 damage, and the duergar blackguard makes a secondary attack against the target.

Secondary Attack +16 vs Fortitude; the target takes ongoing 5 poison damage and a -2 penalty to attack rolls (save ends both).

Darkfire Mark (minor 1/round, at-will) Fire, Necrotic

Close burst 10; targets one enemy; until the end of the duergar blackguard’s next turn, the target is marked and gains no benefit from any concealment. In addition, if the target ends its next turn farther from the blackguard than it began the turn, or if it does not make an attack roll against the blackguard during its next turn, the target takes 10 fire and necrotic damage

Quill Burst (minor, recharge ) Poison

Close burst 3; targets one enemy; +18 vs AC; 1d8+4 damage, and the target takes ongoing 5 poison damage and a -2 penalty to attack rolls (save ends both).

Infernal Footwork (immediate reaction, when an enemy adjacent to the duergar blackguard moves or shifts away from it; at-will)

The blackguard shifts 2 squares and must end the shift in a space adjacent to the triggering enemy. If the triggering enemy is marked by the duergar blackguard, the blackguard then uses blighted warhammer against the target as a free action.

Alignment Evil        Languages Common, Deep Speech, Dwarven
Skills Dungeoneering +15, Intimidate +15, Religion +13
Str 22 (+12)      Dex 11 (+6)      Wis 14 (+8)
Con 18 (+10)      Int 19 (+10)      Cha 18 (+10)

Equipment: heavy shield , plate armor , warhammer .

Published in Monster Manual 2, page(s) 94.