Durud Healer
Medium immortal humanoid
Level 21 Controller (Leader) XP 3200

Initiative +16        Senses Perception +20; all-around vision
HP 196; Bloodied 98
AC 35; Fortitude 33, Reflex 33, Will 35
Speed 6, fly 3 (while within the Astral Sea)

Staff (standard, at-will) Weapon

+26 vs AC; 3d6+8 damage.

Lakal's Wrath (standard, recharge ) Healing, Radiant

Ranged 10; +25 vs Fortitude; 3d6+7 radiant damage, and the target grants combat advantage until the end of the durud healer’s next turn. The first ally of the durud healer to hit the target while it is granting combat advantage in this way regains 20 hit points.

Binding Burst (standard, at-will) Radiant

Area burst 1 within 10; targets enemies; 2d10+8 radiant damage, and the target is immobilized until the end of the durud healer’s next turn.

Implacable Determination (free, when an enemy within 5 squares of the durud healer scores a critical hit; encounter)

The durud healer can make a basic attack, shift 1 square, or move its speed.

Surge Siphon (immediate interrupt; when an enemy within 3 squares of the durud healer uses or is the target of a healing power; at-will) Healing

The durud healer shifts 3 squares. If it ends this movement adjacent to the triggering enemy, the healing power grants only half its normal hit points, and each of the durud healer’s allies within 5 squares of it regains 10 hit points.

Alignment Unaligned        Languages Supernal
Skills Heal +20, Insight +20
Str 23 (+16)      Dex 23 (+16)      Wis 20 (+15)
Con 20 (+15)      Int 20 (+15)      Cha 26 (+18)

Equipment: staff, chainmail .

Published in The Plane Above, page(s) 158.