Elminster Aumar
Medium natural humanoid, human
Level 19 Solo Controller XP 12000

HP 728; Bloodied 364Initiative +13
AC 33, Fortitude 31, Reflex 32, Will 29Perception+14
Speed 6, teleport 6
Saving Throws +2; Action Points 2


Mystic's Clarity Aura 3

While Elminster is not bloodied, enemies in the aura take a -2 penalty to saving throws, and Elminster scores a critical hit against them on a natural 19–20.

Rage of the Sage

While Elminster is bloodied, all his defenses become 30, and his standard action attack powers deal 2d10 extra damage and 5 extra ongoing damage.

Sage's Alacrity

Elminster makes two initiative checks, and he takes a full turn on each initiative result. He receives one immediate action between the end of one of his turns and the start of another.

Sage's Countermagic

At the end of each of his turns, Elminster ends any dazing, immobilizing, restraining, slowing, or stunning effect on him.

Standard Actions

Thunderstrike Longsword (thunder, weapon) At-Will

Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); +24 vs. AC

Hit: 4d8 + 5 damage, and ongoing 15 thunder damage (save ends), and Elminster pushes the target up to 4 squares and knocks it prone.

Miss: Elminster pushes the target up to 2 squares.

Arcane Fire (fire, force) At-Will

Attack: Ranged 10 (one creature); +22 vs. Fortitude

Hit: 3d10 + 7 force damage, and ongoing 15 fire damage (save ends).

Effect: The target is slowed until the end of Elminster’s next turn. If the target is already slowed and taking ongoing damage, it is instead immobilized (save ends).

Ragefire Nova (fear, fire, psychic) Recharge

Attack: Close burst 2, close burst 3 while bloodied (creatures in the burst); +22 vs. Will

Hit: 4d10 + 16 fire damage, and ongoing 15 psychic damage (save ends), and Elminster pushes the target up to its speed + 1.

Miss: Half damage, and Elminster pushes the target 3 squares.

Minor Actions

Fire Strike (fire, force) At-Will 1/round while not bloodied

Attack: Close blast 3 (creatures in the blast); +22 vs. Reflex

Hit: 1d12 + 5 fire and force damage.

Change Shape (polymorph) At-Will

Effect: Elminster alters his physical form and clothing to appear as a Medium or Small humanoid until he uses change shape again or until he drops to 0 hit points. To assume a specific individual’s form, Elminster must have seen that individual. Other creatures can make a DC 40 Insight check to discern that the form is a disguise.

Triggered Actions

Elemental Intuitive At-Will

Trigger: An enemy takes ongoing damage of a type to which it is resistant.

Effect (Immediate Reaction; Immediate Interrupt while bloodied): Close burst 10 (the triggering enemy in the burst); Elminster changes the damage type to another to which the enemy is not resistant and imposes a -5 penalty to the saving throw against that damage.

Skills Arcana +21, History +21, Nature +19
Str 13 (+10)                Dex 18 (+13)                Wis 20 (+14)
Con 22 (+15)                Int 25 (+16)                Cha 17 (+12)

Alignment Unaligned        Languages All
Equipment: robes, pipe, longsword .

Published in Dungeon Magazine 181.