Emerald Frog
Tiny natural animate

Initiative as conjurer        Senses Perception +10
HP 19; Bloodied 9
AC 25; Fortitude 25, Reflex 23, Will 22
Speed 4

Grasping Tongue (standard, at-will)

+11 vs Reflex; the target is immobilized until the end of the frog’s next turn.

Distant Origin

The conjurer can use the square the emerald frog occupies as the origin square for his or her non-weapon ranged and close attack powers, and the frog is not affected by such powers when it is used as the origin square.

Frog Hop (move; at-will)

The frog jumps 6 squares.

Shared Perspective

The conjurer can see through the emerald frog’s eyes. While the emerald frog has line of sight to the conjurer, enemies cannot gain combat advantage against the conjurer by flanking the conjurer.

Hopping Escape (immediate reaction, when the frog is missed by a melee attack; at-will)

The emerald frog shifts 2 squares.

Alignment Unaligned        Languages -
Str 1 (+2)      Dex 24 (+14)      Wis 16 (+10)
Con 21 (+12)      Int 2 (+3)      Cha 6 (+5)

Description: Portraits depicting Khyaran the Profound all share one odd feature. In every painting, the artist included an inch-long emerald frog. Many at first believed the inclusion of the frog to be an affectation of the artist—Khyaran relied on the great talent of Ruobald Kent, whose talent with the brush exceeded all his contemporaries. Later, most rejected the theory because the frog never appeared in any of Kent’s other works. The frog then remained a mystery until an adventuring group located the Profound’s tomb and recovered the frog, learning of its unusual magical properties.

Since the emerald frog’s rediscovery, many artificers and alchemists have sought to reproduce its curious magic to create new figurines modeled after the first. These copies are worthwhile, but none of them come close to matching the original’s power. Some say the frog, despite its modest size, could swallow a dragon whole, though the methods by which it achieved this are thus far beyond any artisan’s understanding.

Published in Dragon Magazine 384, page(s) 22.