Fallen Angel of Death
Large immortal humanoid (angel, undead)
Level 21 Skirmisher XP 3200

HP 197; Bloodied 98Initiative +18
AC 35, Fortitude 35, Reflex 33, Will 32Perception+19
Speed 8, fly 12 (hover)Darkvision
Immune disease, fear, poison; Resist 15 necrotic, 15 radiant


Nerull’s Demand Aura 5

Any enemy that makes a death saving throw while in the aura takes a -5 penalty to the roll.

Angelic Presence

While the angel is not bloodied, attack rolls against it take a -2 penalty.

Life Sense

The angel knows the location of all living creatures within 5 squares of it, and the angel’s attacks against living enemies within 5 squares of it ignore concealment.

Standard Actions

Scythe (weapon) At-Will

Attack: Melee 2 (one creature); +26 vs. AC

Hit: 3d12 + 9 damage.

Effect: The angel can shift up to 2 squares.

Death’s Hourglass (necrotic) Recharge when the effect ends

Effect: Ranged 10 (one creature). The target takes ongoing 30 necrotic damage until the end of the encounter. The target or an ally adjacent to it can end this effect by succeeding on a standard action DC 35 Religion check or two standard action DC 26 Religion checks. The effect automatically ends when the angel drops below 1 hit point.

Minor Actions

Death’s Decree (necrotic) At-Will (1/round)

Effect: Ranged 5 (one creature subject to death’s hourglass). The target takes 15 necrotic damage, and the angel can shift 1 square closer to the target.

Skills Insight +19
Str 26 (+18)                Dex 23 (+16)                Wis 19 (+14)
Con 21 (+15)                Int 18 (+14)                Cha 21 (+15)

Alignment Evil        Languages Supernal
Equipment: scythe .

Published in The Book of Vile Darkness, page(s) 2-59.