Far Eidolon
Medium aberrant animate (construct)
Level 14 Elite Controller XP 2000

Initiative +9        Senses Perception +10; Darkvision
HP 276; Bloodied 138
AC 25; Fortitude 29, Reflex 26, Will 27
Immune disease, poison, petrification
Saving Throws +2
Speed 4
Action Points 1

Twisting Slam (standard, at-will) Psychic

+19 vs AC; 2d8+6 damage, and ongoing 10 psychic damage (save ends). While taking this ongoing damage, the target deals 5 psychic damage to any of its allies that are adjacent to it at the start of its turn.

Unnatural Retribution (immediate reaction, when an enemy attacks the eidolon while it is in mindbending stance, at-will) Psychic

Close burst 2; targets enemies; +17 vs Will; 1d8+4 psychic damage, and ongoing 5 psychic damage (save ends).

Mindbending Stance (standard; at-will) Psychic

Until the end of the eidolon’s next turn, enemies that start their turns within 5 squares of it take 5 psychic damage, and a -2 penalty to attack rolls and defenses. If the eidolon moves, the effect ends.

Statue Form

If the far eidolon remains still, it looks like a statue. In this form, it has resist 10 all and it can be recognized as a creature with a DC 30 Perception check.

Alignment Unaligned        Languages -
Str 22 (+13)      Dex 16 (+10)      Wis 9 (+6)
Con 18 (+11)      Int 6 (+5)      Cha 19 (+11)

Published in Dungeon Magazine 163, page(s) 82.