Filching Wraith
Small shadow humanoid (undead)
Level 4 Lurker XP 175

Initiative +10        Senses Perception +7; Darkvision
HP 30; Bloodied 15
AC 17; Fortitude 14, Reflex 17, Will 15
Immune disease, poison; Resist 5 necrotic, insubstantial
Speed fly 8 (hover); phasing

Filching Touch (standard, at-will) Necrotic

+7 vs Reflex; 1d10 + 5 necrotic damage. If the wraith was invisible or hidden, the target takes ongoing 5 necrotic damage (save ends) or the filching wraith can make a Thievery check to pickpocket the target (see PH 189). The wraith ignores the penalty for attempting to pickpocket in combat. If the target was unaware of the wraith’s location when the attack occurred, the wraith receives a +2 bonus to the Thievery check..

Filcher's Jaunt (move; recharge )

The filching wraith becomes invisible until the end of its next turn or until it attacks, and it shifts 1 square.

Hide Away (minor; at-will) Teleportation

The filching wraith can teleport an object it’s holding 5 squares to a place it knows or can see.

Alignment Evil        Languages Common
Skills Stealth +11, Thievery +11
Str 3 (-2)      Dex 18 (+6)      Wis 10 (+2)
Con 13 (+3)      Int 6 (0)      Cha 15 (+4)

Published in Seekers of the Ashen Crown, page(s) 53.