Flesh Golem
Large natural animate (construct)
Level 12 Elite Brute XP 1400

HP 304; Bloodied 152Initiative +4
AC 24, Fortitude 26, Reflex 21, Will 21Perception+5
Speed 6 (cannot shift)
Resist 10 cold
Saving Throws +2; Action Points 1


Primal Fear

When the golem takes fire damage from an attack, it takes a free action to move up to its speed, and each square it moves must place it farther from the attacker. If it cannot move at least half its speed, it grants combat advantage until the end of its next turn.

Life-Giving Jolt

When the golem takes lightning damage, it can make a basic attack as a free action.

Standard Actions

Slam At-Will

Attack: Melee 2 (one creature); +17 vs. AC, or +19 vs. AC while the golem is bloodied

Hit: 3d10 + 9 damage.

Double Attack At-Will

Effect: The golem uses slam twice. Each attack knocks the target prone if it hits.

Golem Rampage Recharge

Effect: The golem moves up to its speed + 2. During this movement, the golem can move through enemies’ spaces, and when the golem first enters a creature’s space, it uses slam against that creature.

Triggered Actions

Berserk Attack At-Will

Trigger: An attack damages the golem while it is bloodied.

Effect (Immediate Reaction): The golem uses slam against a random target within its reach.

Str 20 (+11)                Dex 7 (+4)                Wis 8 (+5)
Con 22 (+12)                Int 3 (+2)                Cha 3 (+2)

Alignment unaligned        Languages -

Published in Monster Manual, page(s) 142, Dungeon Magazine 161, page(s) 97, Dungeon Magazine 163, page(s) 43, Dungeon Magazine 164, page(s) 23, Monster Vault, page(s) 160, Madness at Gardmore Abbey, page(s) 3-8, Dungeon Magazine 196, Dungeon Magazine 218.