Forsaken Slaughterer
Medium natural humanoid (blind)
Level 28 Brute XP 13000

HP 253; Bloodied 126Initiative +22
AC 40, Fortitude 41, Reflex 40, Will 39Perception+22
Speed 6Blindsight 20
Immune blinded, gaze


Relentless Slaughter Aura 1

Enemies within the aura gain only half the benefit of healing effects.

Proximal Resistance

While no enemy is adjacent to it, the slaughterer gains resist 10 against ranged and area attacks.

Standard Actions

Khopesh (weapon) At-Will

Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); +33 vs. AC

Hit: 6d8 + 18 damage.

Unstoppable Cut (weapon) At-Will

Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); +33 vs. AC

Hit: 3d8 + 18 damage, and one enemy adjacent to the target takes the same amount of damage.

Triggered Actions

Blood for Blood (weapon) Encounter

Trigger: The slaughterer is first bloodied.

Attack (Free Action): Close burst 1 (enemies in the burst); +33 vs. AC

Hit: The target takes damage equal to its healing surge value.

Fragment of Immortality Encounter

Trigger: The slaughterer drops to 0 hit points.

Effect (No Action): The slaughterer is removed from play until the start of its next turn. The slaughterer then appears within 5 squares of its last location with 63 hit points and without any effects on it.

Skills Athletics +29, Intimidate +26
Str 30 (+24)                Dex 26 (+22)                Wis 27 (+22)
Con 27 (+22)                Int 29 (+23)                Cha 24 (+21)

Alignment evil        Languages Common, Supernal
Equipment: khopesh x2, scale armor .

Published in Monster Manual 3, page(s) 86.