Frost Giant Shaman
Large elemental humanoid (cold, giant)
Level 17 Artillery XP 1600

HP 130; Bloodied 65Initiative +9
AC 31, Fortitude 29, Reflex 28, Will 30Perception+15
Speed 8 (ice walk)
Resist 15 cold


Icebound Footing

When an effect pulls, pushes, or slides the giant, it can choose to move 2 squares fewer than the effect specifies. The giant can make a saving throw to avoid falling prone when an attack would knock it prone.

Standard Actions

Icy Staff (cold, weapon) At-Will

Attack: Melee 2 (one creature); +22 vs. AC

Hit: 2d10 + 13 cold damage.

Chill the Blood (cold) At-Will

Attack: Ranged 20 (one creature); +22 vs. Fortitude

Hit: 2d8 + 7 cold damage, and ongoing 10 cold damage (save ends).

Coldfire Sphere (cold, conjuration, fire) Encounter

Effect: Ranged 10; the giant conjures a Large sphere of blue flame that occupies a space in range, and the sphere attacks. The sphere persists until the end of the giant’s next turn. Any creature that starts its turn adjacent to the sphere takes 10 cold and fire damage and is slowed until the end of its next turn. As a move action, the giant can move the sphere up to 6 squares. As a standard action, the giant can make the sphere’s attack again. The giant is immune to damage from its sphere.

    Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); +22 vs. Reflex

    Hit: 2d10 + 14 cold and fire damage.

    Sustain Minor: The effect persists until the end of the giant’s next turn, and the giant can move the sphere up to 3 squares.

Skills Arcana +18, Athletics +18
Str 20 (+13)                Dex 13 (+9)                Wis 24 (+15)
Con 22 (+14)                Int 20 (+13)                Cha 14 (+10)

Alignment Evil        Languages Common, Draconic, Giant
Equipment: robes, staff.

Published in Dungeon Magazine 199.