Medium natural humanoid dwarf , dwarf
Level 7 Soldier XP 300

Initiative +8        Senses Perception +7
HP 81; Bloodied 40
AC 22; Fortitude 20, Reflex 19, Will 19
Speed 5

Urgrosh (standard, at-will) Weapon

+14 vs AC; 1d12+3 damage.

Oath of Enmity (minor, at-will)

Close burst 5; one enemy in burst; until the end of the encounter or until Gerrek uses this power again, when Gerrek attacks the target, he rolls twice and uses the higher result.

Censure the Coward (immediate reaction, when an adjacent enemy shifts, at-will) Weapon

+14 vs AC; 1d12+7 damage.

Splinter the Formation (standard, recharge ) Weapon

+14 vs AC; 2d12+3 damage, and Gerrek teleports each enemy within 2 squares of the target 3 squares.

Executioner's Cloak (standard, encounter)

+14 vs AC; 3d12+3 damage, and Gerrek is invisible to the target (save ends). Miss: Half damage, and Gerrek is invisible to the target until the end of his next turn.

Stand Your Ground

When an effect forces Gerrek to move—through a push, a pull, or a slide—Gerrek moves 1 square less than the effect specifies. When an attack would knock Gerrek prone, Gerrek gains an immediate saving throw to avoid falling prone.

Alignment Evil        Languages Common, Dwarven
Skills Athletics +9, Endurance +11, Intimidate +8, Religion +8
Str 12 (+4)      Dex 16 (+6)      Wis 18 (+7)
Con 17 (+6)      Int 11 (+3)      Cha 11 (+3)

Published in Hammerfast, page(s) 29.