Ghena Tenson
Medium natural humanoid
Level 3 Controller XP 150

Initiative +2        Senses Perception +3
HP 44; Bloodied 22
AC 19; Fortitude 15, Reflex 18, Will 16
Speed 6

Quarterstaff (standard, at-will) Weapon

+5 vs AC; 1d8 damage.

Magic Missiles (standard, at-will) Force

Ranged 20; +7 vs AC; 2d4+4 force damage. This power counts as a ranged basic attack.

Cloud of Daggers (standard, at-will) Force

Area burst 1 within 10; +7 vs Reflex; 1d6+4 force damage. The power's area is filled with sharp daggers of force. Any creature that enters the area or starts its turn there takes 2 force damage. The cloud remains in place until the end of Ghena's next turn.

Color Spray (standard, encounter) Radiant

Close blast 5; +7 vs Will; 1d6+4 radiant damage, and the target is dazed until the end of Ghena's next turn.

Shield (standard; encounter)

Ghena gains a +4 power bonus to AC and Reflex defense until the end of her next turn.

Alignment Unaligned        Languages Common, Draconic
Skills Arcana +10, History +10, Religion +10
Str 10 (+1)      Dex 13 (+2)      Wis 14 (+3)
Con 12 (+2)      Int 18 (+5)      Cha 10 (+1)

Equipment: robes, staff, adventurer's kit , spellbook .

Published in Dungeon Magazine 157, page(s) 26.