Gnoll War Fang
Medium natural humanoid
Level 6 Soldier (Leader) XP 250

HP 72; Bloodied 36Initiative +7
AC 22, Fortitude 17, Reflex 16, Will 20Perception+5
Speed 7Low-light vision


War Fang Defense Aura 1

Allies within the aura gain a +2 bonus to AC.

Pack Attack

The war fang’s melee attacks deal 5 extra damage against an enemy that has two or more gnoll allies adjacent to it.

Standard Actions

Longsword (weapon) At-Will

Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); +13 vs. AC

Hit: 1d8 + 6 damage, or 1d8 + 10 while the war fang is bloodied.

Minor Actions

Demonic Challenge (fire) At-Will 1/round

Effect: The war fang marks one enemy within 3 squares until the end of the enconter or until the war fang uses this power again. Until the mark ends, whenever the marked enemy makes an attack that does not include the war fang as a target, the marked enemy takes 10 fire damage.

Triggered Actions

No Mercy At-Will

Trigger: An enemy misses the war fang with a melee attack.

Effect (Immediate Reaction): One ally adjacent to the triggering enemy can make a melee basic attack against it as a free action.

Skills Intimidate +12
Str 19 (+7)                Dex 14 (+5)                Wis 15 (+5)
Con 16 (+6)                Int 16 (+6)                Cha 18 (+7)

Alignment chaotic evil        Languages Abyssal, Common
Equipment: longsword , plate armor .

Published in Monster Manual 3, page(s) 105, Dungeon Magazine 182.