Animus Predator

"You might not realize it now, but this is really going to hurt."

Prerequisite: Shaman, call spirit companion power

At the core of every creature lies the animating spirit that gives life or mobility, called the animus. The shaman sees the animus in the spirit world as one of the most fundamental forces required for life. Therefore, striking at or manipulating this spirit is akin to changing the very fiber of a creature’s being, turning a huge advantage into the weakness that brings about your enemy’s downfall.

A shaman who walks the path of the animus predator has a simple philosophy: When you see no weakness, create one. By manipulating the animus, you make your foes weak to your allies’ attacks. You strip away resistances and immunities, leaving your target open to devastating blows. You give your companions the perfect weapon to bring true devastation to your enemies.


    Breaching Spirit (11th level): Attacks made against any enemy adjacent to your spirit companion ignore insubstantial. When you use a spirit power to damage a creature that has regeneration, the regeneration doesn’t function until the end of your next turn.
    Predator Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action, one enemy adjacent to your spirit companion gains vulnerable 5 damage until the end of your next turn.
    Spiritual Piercing (16th level): When you complete an extended rest, choose a damage type. Your attacks and attacks made by each ally adjacent to your spirit companion ignore the first 10 points of resistance to that damage type, and the attacks treat a creature with immunity to that damage type as if it had resist 20 to that damage type instead.

Animus Predator Attack 11Exposing Spirit

Your spirit companion lashes out, leaving an aura around your foe that exposes a previously hidden weakness.

Encounter        Implement, Primal, Spirit
Standard Action      Melee spirit 1

Target: One creature

Attack: Wisdom vs. Will

Hit: 2d6 + Wisdom modifier damage. The target gains vulnerable 10 against one damage type of your choice until the end of your next turn.

Animus Predator Utility 12Symbiotic Spirits

A shimmering spirit attaches to your enemies, peeling away their natural and magical defenses and imparting them to your allies.

Daily        Primal, Spirit, Zone
Minor Action      Close burst spirit 2

Effect: The burst creates a zone that lasts until the end of the encounter. When you use this power, choose an enemy you can see. Each ally within the zone gains resist 10 to all damage types to which that enemy has resistance or immunity.

Animus Predator Attack 20Animus Strike

Your spirit companion lashes out in a devastating strike, causing your opponent to reel in pain. Now, the foe’s every attack has become another opening for your allies.

Daily        Implement, Primal
Standard Action      Melee spirit 1

Effect: Choose one of the following types of damage: acid, cold, fire, force, lightning, necrotic, radiant, or thunder. Make the following attack.

Target: One creature

Attack: Wisdom vs. Will

Hit: 4d8 + Wisdom modifier damage of the type you chose and ongoing 10 damage of the type you chose (save ends).

Miss: Half damage.

Effect: Until the end of the encounter, whenever the target hits one of your allies with an attack, the target takes damage of the type you chose equal to your Wisdom modifier.

Published in Dragon Magazine 385, page(s) 39.