"Artistry can be found in anything, young lord—especially swordplay. My earnest advice is to do nothing that you cannot do well."

Prerequisite: Athasian minstrel theme

Throughout the Seven Cities of the Tyr Region, nobles surround themselves with retainers of good education, charming manners, and mastery of the arts. Many of these kept artists are just fops or decoration, but some are more than entertaining companions—they are skilled duelists and treasured advisors, deadly warriors never more than a few steps from their patron’s side. In addition to beautifying the noble household with poetry and song, troubadours of this sort often serve as arms-instructors to young nobles and elite bodyguards trusted with the very lives of their patrons.
    Arms-troubadours are typically well educated, literate, skilled in an instrument or two, noteworthy poets, and equipped with aristocratic manners and refinement. Some begin as minor nobility attending wealthier and more important nobles, whereas others are descended from well-off merchants or commoners who set out to master the courtier’s skills and seek out noble patronage. Most remain with a patron for a year or two before moving on, but others—especially those who come to be trusted as advisors and companions—might spend all their lives in a single noble’s service.
    As an arms-troubadour, you might have a patron whose interests you look after during your adventures, or you could be between patrons. If so, given your fame and skill, your services might be very highly sought-after.


    Skillful Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action, you gain a +5 power bonus to any skill checks you make as a part of that action.
    Uncanny Grace (11th level): Whenever an enemy misses you with a melee weapon attack or a close weapon attack, you gain combat advantage against that enemy until the end of your next turn.
    Clever Footwork (16th level): Whenever you make an Athletics, Acrobatics, or Stealth check, you can roll twice and use the higher result.
    Also, you never earn failures in a skill challenge for failed Athletics, Acrobatics, or Stealth checks you fail by 5 or less.

Arms-Troubadour Attack 11Elegant Blade

A well-aimed blow briefly confounds your enemy as you easily slip into a better position.

Encounter        Martial, Weapon
Standard Action      Melee weapon

Requirement: You must be wielding a light blade or a heavy blade and use it to attack with this power.

Target: One creature

Attack: Primary ability vs. Reflex

Hit: 3[W] + ability modifier damage, and you shift 3 squares. Until the end of your next turn, you can use the Elegant Blade Attack power against the target.

Elegant Blade Attack

Encounter      Martial, Weapon
Immediate Interrupt  

Requirement: The power Elegant Blade must be active in order to use this power.

Trigger: The target willingly moves to a square that is not adjacent to you or makes an attack

Attack: Primary ability vs. AC

Hit: You slide the target 3 squares, and you shift 3 squares as a free action.

Arms-Troubadour Utility 12Deadly Deflection

With expert timing, you deflect an enemy’s attack so that it misses you or your ally and targets another foe instead.

Daily        Martial
Immediate Interrupt      Melee 1

Trigger: An enemy adjacent to you targets you or an ally with a melee attack.

Target: The triggering enemy

Effect: Choose a different creature within the target's reach. The target now attacks that creature instead.

Arms-Troubadour Attack 20Poetic Flourish

You perform a striking flourish after a successful attack and inspire your allies with a defiant swipe.

Daily        Martial, Stance, Weapon
Free Action      Melee weapon

Requirement: You must be wielding a light blade or a heavy blade and use it to attack with this power.

Trigger: You hit and deal damage to a creature with an at-will melee weapon attack.

Target: The creature you hit

Effect: You deal 2[W] extra damage, and the target is dazed (save ends). In addition, you can assume the stance of the arms-troubadour. Until the stance ends, you can use the Poetic Flourish Attack power.

Poetic Flourish Attack

Daily      Martial, Stance, Weapon
Free Action      Close burst 3

Requirement: The power Poetic Flourish must be active in order to use this power.

Trigger: You hit with a melee weapon attack

Target: Each ally in the burst

Effect: Until the end of your next turn, each target can reroll one damage die, using either result, each time he or she hit an enemy with an attack.

Published in Dark Sun Campaign Setting, page(s) 40.