Broken Mirror

"Your luck has run out."

Prerequisite: Tiefling, Mantle of Misfortune feat

A tiefling with enough motivation and skill can purge the hereditary infernal magic of their bloodline and replace it with another. The prize demands a price, but a small one, because shifting the watered-down gifts of devils around the world is less arduous than it seems. Not all tieflings are satisfied to give up something at the core of their beings—even to replace it with something else. Those who are brave enough can take more without giving anything up. By taking more of this power, they can gather the might they need to found New Turath, or they can keep the power out of the hands of those who would dare such a dangerous blasphemy.

You have claimed the power of the broken mirrors, whether it is more of the power you already have or an ability that is new to you. Perhaps you stole the power from the devil that originally granted it to your forebears, or you convinced another tiefling to give to you his or her birthright. An infernal power might have granted it to you at a price, or to spite another such power—which might have made you an enemy. Now that you have it, you wield it to your advantage with the same skill and panache that let you acquire it in the first place.


    Additional Misfortune (11th level): You can use the mantle of misfortune feat power one additional time each encounter.
    Mirror Action (11th level): When you spend an action point, you can slide each enemy within 2 squares of you 1 square or knock that enemy prone.
    Deadly Misfortune (16th level): When you slide a creature as a result of your mantle of misfortune power, that creature also takes damage equal to your Charisma modifier.

Broken Mirror Attack 11Turathi Assault

Your inherited power burns your target’s mind with fear, and shrouds it with ill luck.

Minor Action      Personal

Effect: If you hit with the next at-will attack you make before the end of your turn, the target you hit takes 2d8 extra damage and falls prone.

Broken Mirror Utility 12Aura of Flawed Nature

You surround yourself with ill luck and ruination.

Minor Action      Personal

Effect: Until the end of your next turn, you radiate an infernal energy that twists your enemies’ fortunes for the worst. Each enemy that starts its turn within 2 squares of you takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls and defenses until the start of your next turn. When an enemy ends its turn within 2 squares of you, you can slide it 1 square.

Sustain Minor: The effect persists.

Broken Mirror Attack 20Cloud of Misfortune

You encase your foe in a cloud of ill luck so potent it is almost palpable, and it and its friends stumble through every action.

Minor Action      Personal

Effect: If you hit with the next at-will attack you make before the end of your turn, the target of that attack takes 3d10 extra damage and falls prone. Regardless of whether you hit, until the end of the encounter, when the target of the attack misses with an attack, you can slide the target 2 squares.

Special: You cannot use Turathi assault and cloud of misfortune on the same turn.

Published in Dragon Magazine 383, page(s) 71.