Coiled Serpent

"No sound of my movement or sight of my scales will reach you. You’ll feel only the pierce of my fangs and the sting of my poison."

Prerequisite: Druid

You have mastered the form of the coiled serpent, a sleek, stealthy beast form that carries the promise of pain and poison for your enemies. Some druids keep their distance from serpentine beasts, but you recognize such creatures as being just as integral to the natural world as anything that has fur or feathers. You call on cold-eyed serpent spirits, and your connection to the cobra, the adder, and the python gives you a subtle magic.

As a coiled serpent, you gain abilities that let you grab creatures, deal poison damage, and move swiftly.


    Serpent Form (11th level): While you are in beast form, you gain resist 15 poison and a +5 bonus to Stealth checks. The resistance increases to 20 at 21st level.
    Snake Fang Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to make an attack, each target hit by that attack takes ongoing 10 poison damage (save ends).
    Serpent's Poison (16th level): When you hit with a melee attack while you are in beast form, the attack deals 2d6 extra poison damage.

Coiled Serpent Attack 11Constricting Coils

You wrap your enemy in your coils, slowly crushing it.

Encounter        Beast Form, Implement, Primal
Standard Action      Melee 1

Target: One creature

Attack: Wisdom vs. Reflex

Hit: 2d6 + Wisdom modifier damage, and the target is grabbed. Until the end of your next turn, while you are grabbing the target, you gain a +5 power bonus to all defenses, and any attack that misses you hits the target.

Coiled Serpent Utility 12Serpent's Dash

You slither off, causing your enemies to lose track of you as you mask yourself in shadow.

Encounter        Beast Form, Primal
Move Action      Personal

Effect: You shift 3 squares and gain concealment until the end of your next turn.

Coiled Serpent Attack 20Fazing Fangs

You call serpent spirits that sink their fangs deep and deliver a poison that stupefies your foes and punishes them for their attacks.

Daily        Implement, Poison, Primal
Standard Action      Area burst 2 within 20 squares

Target: Each enemy in the burst

Attack: Wisdom vs. Will

Hit: 3d8 poison damage, and the target is dazed (save ends). Until this effect ends, the target takes 10 poison damage whenever it attacks.

Miss: Half damage, and the target is dazed until the end of your next turn.

Published in Primal Power, page(s) 53.