"In your next life, stay out of my way."

Prerequisite: Warlock, dark pact

All warlocks make dangerous bargains with powers far beyond mortal understanding. Most do so cautiously, closing off portions of their soul to whatever fell entity they made a pact with. They fear what they might become if they get too close. They fear they might become you.
    Few are willing to grapple with dark forces as closely as you are, to look the deranged visages of unholy entities squarely in the eye. You are strong enough to control the darkness inside you. You wager your very soul daily, risking utter damnation in exchange for a dark reward. Your body is but a fetter now, anchoring you to a world that no longer seems to be yours. You walk toward a darker place now, a few steps farther every day, leaving the light at your back.
    You stand between worlds, a wraithlike shadow who wrestles with greater evil than most will ever know. The dark forces within you cry out for your soul, and so far you’ve denied them, harnessing their unearthly power for your own purposes, but every day it grows harder to step back into the light.


    Darkwalker Action (11th level): Instead of spending an action point to take an extra action, you can spend an action point to become insubstantial until the start of your next turn.
    Deadly Absence (11th level): While you are insubstantial, you gain a bonus to damage rolls with warlock powers equal to your Intelligence modifier.
    Ghostken (16th level): Your attacks against insubstantial creatures deal normal (not half ) damage.

Darkwalker Attack 11Ghostly Bane

You fade slightly from the world, dragging a tendril of your enemy’s soul with you.

Encounter        Arcane, Implement, Necrotic
Standard Action      Ranged 20

Target: One creature

Attack: Charisma vs. Fortitude

Hit: 2d10 + Charisma modifier necrotic damage, and you become insubstantial until the end of your next turn.

Darkwalker Utility 12Fading Spiral

As a spiral of dark energy slams into your attacker, you phase out of reality

Encounter        Arcane
Free Action      Personal

Effect: Use this power when your use your Darkspiral Aura. You become insubstantial until the end of your next turn.

Darkwalker Attack 20Wraithform Blast

You allow yourself to slip deep into the dark, summoning a blast of soul-crushing menace against your foe.

Daily        Arcane, Implement, Necrotic, Psychic
Standard Action      Ranged 10

Target: One creature

Attack: Charisma vs. Will

Hit: 4d10 + Charisma modifier psychic and necrotic damage, and ongoing 10 psychic and necrotic damage (save ends).

Effect: You become insubstantial and gain phasing. These benefits last until the end of the encounter or until you become bloodied.

Published in Forgotten Realms Player's Guide, page(s) 49.