Prerequisite: Demon spawn theme or any nongood alignment

The darkness of the Abyss is a deep wound in the center of the Elemental Chaos,a bleak vortex that births the planes’ myriad evils. Corruption flows out from this darkening pit to infect the land and creatures and twist them to evil. During your adventures, you encountered abyssal energy—perhaps when you slew a demon or after you explored a tainted site. The corruption changed you, infected you, and exposed you to horrid evil. Now it is all you can do to hold that evil at bay.


    Abyssal Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to make an extra attack, you gain temporary hit points equal to one-half your level. You also gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls until the end of your next turn.
    Demonic Bloodlust (11th level): When you bloody an enemy with a melee attack, that enemy grants combat advantage to you until the end of your next turn.
    Vile Possession (16th level): While you are bloodied, you gain a +2 bonus to melee damage rolls, and your allies provoke opportunity attacks from you. When anyone provokes an opportunity attack from you while you are bloodied, you take 5 damage if you do not make the attack. This damage cannot be prevented in any way.

Demon-Bound Attack 11Abyssal Frenzy

Striking one enemy triggers a wild outburst that pushes everyone in reach away from you.

Encounter        Elemental
Free Action      Close burst 1

Trigger: You hit with a melee attack.

Target: Each creature in the burst

Effect: Each target takes 10 damage, and you can push it 1 square.

Demon-Bound Utility 12Demonic Resilience

Profane runes flare on your body to protect you and give you strength.

Encounter        Elemental
Immediate Interrupt      Personal

Trigger: You are bloodied by an attack or are hit while bloodied.

Effect: Reduce the damage from the triggering attack by 10. Until the end of your next turn, your melee attacks deal 1d6 extra damage.

Demon-Bound Attack 20Demonic Stigmata

You become a horrid demon. Horns break through your brow, your skin turns red, and unholy runes form on your skin.

Daily        Elemental, Polymorph
Minor Action      Personal

Effect: You gain temporary hit points equal to one-half your level, and you assume the demonic stigmata form until the end of the encounter or until you end this effect as a minor action. While in this form, you gain the following benefits.
     An additional use of demonic resilience during this encounter
     Use of the secondary power once per round

Demonic Stigmata Secondary Power

Daily      Elemental, Polymorph
Minor Action      Melee 1

Requirement: You must have hit with a melee attack during this turn.

Target: One creature

Attack: Highest ability modifier + 5 vs. Fortitude

Hit: 1d12 + your highest ability modifier damage.

Published in Heroes of the Elemental Chaos, page(s) 122.