Desert's Voice

"There are voices in the land. I can hear their cries in the wind and in the shifting dunes. They call to me, begging for vengeance. Have I any choice but to answer?"

Prerequisite: Genasi

Your purpose has become clear. You see it in the desolation around you, in the ruins scattered across the countryside, in every agonized face you behold. The wind carries it with the stench of carrion, smoke, and fire. The ashes left by defilers, the bone fields that mark the places where tribes, cities or entire races were wiped out—these signs have revealed to you your reason for being: to repair the world. Perhaps the pull you feel is in your head, a delusion born from desperation. Do you dare ignore it? If the despoilers aren’t stopped, what future does this world have? So you take upon yourself a dread task to undo the damage done to this world.


    Athasian Totem (11th level): You gain proficiency with the totem as an implement. In addition, after you score a critical hit with an implement attack using a totem, you can shift 1 square as a free action.
    Desert Manifestation (11th level): Choose a genasi racial power that you do not already possess. The power must be associated with the ember, magma, sand, or sun manifestation. You gain this power.
    Wasteland Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to make an extra attack, each enemy within 3 squares of you is deafened until the end of your next turn. In addition, you can slide each enemy within 3 squares of you 1 square before making the attack.
    Elemental Adept (16th level): You gain a benefit associated with each genasi racial power you possess.
    Ashfall Evasion: The power becomes a close burst 3.
    Earthshock: Creatures hit by this power cannot stand up until the end of your next turn.
    Firepulse: On a hit, each enemy adjacent to the target takes fire damage equal to your Strength, Constitution, or Dexterity modifier.
    Flowing Magma: This power no longer slows you.
    Sandslide: While in the form of living sand, you are also phasing.
    Sun Flare: Each target hit by this power is blinded until the end of its next turn, even if it was not bloodied by the attack.
    Windwalker: This power becomes an at-will power for you.

Desert's Voice Attack 11Wrath of the Ravaged

You release the vengeful spirits in punishing wind, abrading sand, boiling rock, and suffocating ash.

Encounter        Implement, Primal
Standard Action      Close blast 5

Target: Each creature in the blast

Attack: Strength, Constitution, or Intelligence vs. Fortitude

Hit: 2d6 + Strength, Constitution, or Intelligence modifier damage. You push the target up to 5 squares, and it takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls until the end of your next turn.

Desert's Voice Utility 12Elemental Resurgence

Elemental energy responds to your agony and floods into you in a sudden rush of power.

Daily        Primal
Minor Action      Personal

Requirement: You must be bloodied.

Effect: You gain 5 temporary hit points, and you regain the use of one genasi racial encounter power that you have already used during this encounter.
    Level 21: You gain 10 temporary hit points.

Desert's Voice Attack 20Cataclysm

The spirits answer your cry and they surge from the broken landscape to bring elemental death to your foes.

Daily        Primal, Zone
Minor Action      Area burst 2 within 20 squares

Effect: The burst creates a zone that lasts until the end of your next turn. The zone is difficult terrain and lightly obscured. Any creature that ends its turn in the zone takes 5 damage. While the zone remains, you can use the secondary power at will.

Sustain Minor: The zone persists until the end of your next turn.

Cataclysm Secondary Power

Daily      Implement, Primal
Standard Action      Area burst 2 centered on the zone’s origin square

Requirement: The power Cataclysm must be active in order to use this power.

Target: Each creature in the burst

Attack: Strength, Constitution, or Intelligence vs. Fortitude

Hit: 2d8 + Strength, Constitution, or Intelligence modifier damage. In addition, the target is slowed and takes ongoing 10 damage (save ends both).

Published in Dragon Magazine 396.