"A chalice of Corellon would be pretty rare. But maybe I know where to find one, if you have enough gemstones to jog my memory. . ."

Prerequisite: Rogue, trained in Arcana

Your rogue skills are as useful in the planes as in the world. You might be negotiating with a fomorian king instead of a tiefling merchant or cracking open a portal instead of picking a padlock, yet the principles are the same. You make it your business to locate lost relics across the planes and to learn the whereabouts of creatures that don’t want to be found. Your connections span hundreds of organizations and people, and you know the locations of scores of portals.


    Gatecrasher Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action, you gain an additional move action that you can expend to teleport a number of squares equal to your speed. You can only use the move action on your turn, and the additional action expires at the end of the encounter.
    Portal Alteration (11th level): A gatecrasher gains benefits related to portals.
Transparency: A gatecrasher sees through all but illusory portals as if they were clear. A gatecrasher that succeeds on a DC 25 Arcana check can recognize an illusory portal as illusory and can observe the portal’s true destination.
Access: A gatecrasher gains a +5 bonus to Thievery checks to attempt to unlock an Arcane Lock on a portal.
Precision: A gatecrasher who moves through a portal can give the portal the precise trait. This trait lasts for 5 minutes after the gatecrasher exits the portal.
    Gatecrasher Advantage (16th level): When an enemy within your line of sight uses a power that has the teleportation keyword, you gain combat advantage against that creature until the end of your next turn.

Gatecrasher Attack 11Striker's Gate

You dash through a dimensional pocket and skewer your foe.

Encounter        Arcane, Teleportation, Weapon
Standard Action      Melee weapon

Requirement: You must be wielding a light blade.

Target: One creature

Effect: Before the attack, you teleport 5 squares to a space adjacent to the target and gain combat advantage against it until the end of your turn.

Attack: Dexterity vs. AC

Hit: 2[W] + Dexterity modifier damage.

Gatecrasher Utility 12Trickster's Gate

You open a planar rift that lets you and your allies briefly pass through another plane before reappearing from a connected gate.

Daily        Arcane, Teleportation
Move Action      Ranged 20

Effect: You create two dimensional gates in two unoccupied squares within range. The gates last until the end of your next turn. You and your allies can move from one gate’s square to the other gate’s square as if the squares were adjacent to each other. Movement through the gates is impossible if either gate’s square is occupied.

Sustain Minor: The gates persist. As a move action, you can move a gate 4 squares and must move it to a square within 20 squares of you.

Gatecrasher Attack 20Boltportal Strike

You create a small portal in front of you and a corresponding one next to your foe, allowing you to strike your enemy from across the battlefield.

Daily        Arcane, Weapon
Standard Action      Melee weapon

Target: One creature

Effect: You make an attack from a square within 10 squares of you, gaining any benefits or penalties associated with that square, such as combat advantage from flanking.

Attack: Dexterity vs. AC

Hit: 5[W] + Dexterity modifier damage.

Miss: Half damage.

Published in Manual of the Planes, page(s) 142.