"Never underestimate the value of a well-timed jest."

Prerequisite: Dragonborn, any arcane class

Dragonborn can be a harsh and taciturn race. When a dragonborn becomes known for excessive jesting or practical jokes, he or she is shunned and called glee-born or “touched by copper.” Rather than accept scorn, glee-born embrace their fun-loving nature and welcome the title with pride, even if they are forced into exile away from dragonborn lands. Luckily, many human kings welcome glee-born into their courts as jesters or courtesans.

Glee-born are quick to laugh, but they can be dangerous in battle. A sly word or cutting insult can easily distract a foe, and glee-born are known to have arcane talents that they use liberally in combat.

Only true copper dragons could match the sly wit of a glee-born, and many scholars posit that the gleeborn must have coppers in their lineage. Indeed, the scales of older glee-born have been known to develop an orange hue and even a green verdigris tinge late in life. If they live long enough, that is.


    Glib Tongue (11th level): You gain a +3 bonus to Bluff checks and Diplomacy checks.
    Insulting Action (11th level): When you miss a target that grants combat advantage to you, you can spend an action point to reroll that attack roll with a +2 bonus. You must use the result of the second roll.
    Captive Audience (16th level): When you hit a creature with an arcane attack, each enemy adjacent to the target grants combat advantage to you until the end of your next turn.

Glee-born Attack 11Flip and Blast

Arcane force washes outward from you . . . but you aren’t there anymore.

Encounter        Arcane, Force, Implement
Standard Action      Close burst 2

Target: Each creature in the burst

Effect: Before or after the attack, you can shift half your speed.

Attack: Intelligence or Charisma vs. Reflex

Hit: 2d8 + Intelligence modifier or Charisma modifier force damage, and the target takes a -2 penalty to its next attack roll before the end of your next turn.

Glee-born Utility 12Revealing Feint

You fake left and dance right, taking away your attacker’s advantage.

Encounter        Arcane
Minor Action      Personal

Effect: Until the end of your next turn, you do not grant combat advantage for any reason.

Glee-born Attack 20Set a Riddle

You confuse your opponent with quick words and a charming smile.

Daily        Arcane, Charm, Implement, Psychic
Standard Action      Ranged 20

Target: One creature

Attack: Intelligence or Charisma vs. Will

Hit: 2d10 + Intelligence modifier or Charisma modifier psychic damage, and the target is stunned (save ends).

Miss: Half damage, and the target is dazed (save ends).

Published in Dragon Magazine 385, page(s) 9.