Half-Elf Polymath

"Our greatest limits are those we impose upon ourselves."

Prerequisite: Half-elf

You have a trick that none of your enemies expect you to have. It has come in handy time and again, making you wonder what other skills you might learn to further confound your foes.

You begin by practicing your trick to make it more powerful and even faster to perform. Eventually, you realize that your allies provide instruction in a variety of ways. Some might call what you do imitation, but that barely scratches the surface of the relationship you have with your allies. You can become one of your allies, if only for a moment, and use his or her power as your own. Only the choice of allies you keep around you limits your range of options, and you can take advantage of each ally’s strengths to defeat your common foes.


    Dabbler Action (11th level): When you spend an action point and use the extra action to use the power you gained from your Dilettante racial trait, you can move your speed or shift 1 square before or after you resolve the extra action.
    Well-Rounded (11th level): Choose any two skills in which you are not trained. You become trained in those skills.
    Broad Dilettante (16th level): Choose a 1st-level at-will attack power from any class that is different from yours. You gain that power.

Half-Elf Polymath Attack 11Practiced Dilettante

You give your enemies a little something extra that they weren’t expecting.

Standard Action      Personal

Effect: You use the power you gained from your Dilettante racial trait. If you hit, you deal 2[W] extra damage if your Dilettante power is a weapon attack, or 2d8 extra damage if it is not a weapon attack.

Half-Elf Polymath Utility 12Skill Dabbler

Your diverse set of skills allows you to show amazing proficiency in a variety of areas occasionally.

Minor Action      Personal

Effect: Choose one skill in which you are not trained. Until the end of the encounter, you are trained in that skill.

Half-Elf Polymath Attack 20Infinite Reflections

You unleash a flurry of attacks against your foes, taking the best tricks of your allies to use against your enemies.

Daily        Stance
Minor Action      Personal

Effect: You assume the infinite reflections stance. Until the stance ends, you can use the 1st-level at-will attack powers of any ally within 10 squares of you as though you knew that power. You use all your own statistics to determine the effect of that power.

Published in Dragon Magazine 385, page(s) 69.